Brent – Supply Constraints Support Elevated Prices Now…

The lockdown in Shanghai has hit the oil demand in China. This is the fourth consecutive month when the demand for crude oil has declined in China. The trend is set to remain intact till Shanghai is re-opened after the pandemic fear subsides. There is rising inventory of jet fuel, and the refinery output is […]

The Dollar Index Soars High…

The US Dollar put up a splendid show of strength in the last few months, and it accelerated further in the last three weeks. The Dollar Index moved up to 104.85 on May 12 22, and thereafter, retreated a bit to the 103.40 level. This surge was from the lowest level seen in two months, […]

All That Glitters…

Gold price in international market has slumped to US$ 1815. While the surging inflation in the major economies of the world makes it an appropriate choice for some amount of value preservation, the strength in the US Dollar and the rising US rates are putting pressure on gold price. There is a clear positioning from […]

Primary Auctions, OMOs Push Yields Higher…

The headline WPI inflation for April 22 came in at 15.10%, and it is the highest reading so far indicating the likelihood of more inflation being priced in the future retail inflation numbers. The persistently high oil prices in global markets and the weak Rupee will exert pressure on the domestic price level which has […]

Inflation Surges, Further Policy Action Not Too Distant

The rate of inflation indicated by Consumer Price Index (CPI) surged to 7.79 % in the month of April 2022, from 6.95 % in March 2022. This is the highest inflation rate in almost eight years, and the fourth consecutive month during which inflation remained above the ceiling of the RBI’s policy target range. This […]

Slaying the Demon of Inflation… the Priority

All eyes are on the next meeting of the FOMC due on 14th and 15th of June, almost three weeks from now. It is not without reason that this attention is given to the event. The Fed’s decision on rates affects everything around the world. That is the perception and the reality. It is almost […]

Inheritance rights of adopted, illegitimate, stepchildren, separated spouse, live-in partner

More than ever, India is witnessing an increase in divorce cases, multiple marriages, live-in relationships, having stepchildren, children from previous marriage, adopted children, children born out of wedlock. In this article we explain to you the inheritance rights of the partner and the child in context of the succession laws and the court judgements for Hindus in […]

Inflation Surges, Could Invite Policy Action

The CPI based inflation stayed above RBI’s target range of 2% to 6% for the third consecutive month and touched a 17-month high. The headline inflation for the month of Mar’22 came in at 6.95% as compared to 6.07% in the preceding month, and 5.52% during the year ago period. The surge in inflation was […]

Crude May Stay Elevated, But Falling Demand Holds Out a Little Hope…

Brent remains in a broad range between US$ 95 and US$ 115, and the likelihood of oil prices remaining elevated is high mainly due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the related developments. The central value towards which the price has been showing a tendency to converge is US$ 100. While the price has […]

Equities, a Buy on Any Correction In Prices…

The equities markets had seen the last major fall to the tune of about 15 % and after the subsequent revival, looks set to test lower levels in the coming weeks. The local market often mirrors the US market developments. The recent gains in the market have been the result of a kind of moderation […]

Why Is It Important To Obtain A Probate For A Will?

A probate ensures a seamless transfer of assets to the legal beneficiaries of the deceased, and is also mandatory in the Presidency towns of Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai. Know more about the process of obtaining one Making a Will not only ensures that your wishes are respected once you are gone, but without a carefully […]

Private trusts can be designed to meet unique needs of each family

“No one size fits all” is used aptly for private trusts.  A private trust commonly used for succession planning is a bespoke document and one can customize a trust deed to meet one’s family objectives.   Though a private trust is governed by the Indian Trust Act, 1882 and Income Tax Act, 1961, if offers […]