Brent Set to Stay Range-bound

Brent is in a narrow range, and it is set to go nowhere at least for the immediate future. The one distinguishing feature of the recent past is that there is very little to push the prices and equally so to take it lower. The major challenge to rising prices was the rising number of […]

Currencies Well Anchored to Rise in US Dollar Yields

The US Dollar is thriving on the safe-haven status, and the prospects of higher rates in the US consequent to the higher rate of economic growth and higher price level. With the probability of the bond purchases coming down with likely tapering coming up towards the end of this year, the US Dollar is going […]

Gold May Trade in Narrow Ranges

Gold has not moved at all in the last one or two months, and it may stay where it is and may move in very narrow trading ranges. There are no fresh triggers for the gold price to move up or down. Currently at 1790, gold faces tough resistance at 1830 and 1870, and the […]

Secular Growth Trends May Delimit the Scope for Deeper Equity Corrections

The equity market has furthered its good run with a surge in the large cap indexes in the recent past. But something that may be seen from the action in the last two to three fortnights is that the process of normalization of returns to lower levels has started happening. The correction seen in mid […]

High Liquidity and Low Inflation Helpful in the Immediate Term

The domestic system wide liquidity is currently at Rs.8.50 Lakh Crs, and the interbank has a surplus of Rs.5.50 Lakh Crs on an average in the last three months. This is more or less the same amount that is tendered at the overnight fixed rate reverse repos. The liquidity overhang is demonstrated by the low […]

Jackson Hole and After

The Jackson Hole address of the Fed Chairman raised enormous amount of interest among the investors, and the markets too. This was due to the fact that many expected the Fed Chairman to elaborate on the Fed’s plans for the future, that is about the easy money policy and the quantitative expansion through asset purchases. […]

GDP Update – Q1FY22

The GDP growth number for Q1FY22 was reported at 20.1% as compared to contraction of 24.4% in the first quarter of FY21. The GVA number for Q1FY22 came in at 18.8% as compared to -22.4% during the year ago comparable period. The record growth rates have largely been a function of a low base effect. […]

It’s time that we give a serious thought to succession of our wealth

As the world is evolving at a faster pace, so is the financial markets evolving and so is the definition and component of wealth changing for the modern man. Today, the term ‘Wealth’ includes financial products such as mutual funds, stocks, shares, bonds, PMS, AIFs, REITs, venture funds etc. The majority of the high-net-worth individuals […]