India: Equity markets buoyant on lockdown reversal

GDP AND CORE SECTOR GROWTH NUMBERS The sluggishness in economic growth was a feature of the Q2 and Q3 numbers, and it was accentuated in Q4. So, the number was more or less expected to indicate a decline from 4.00% and 4.50% levels; the GDP growth has been reported at 3.10%. This number fully reflects […]

Global challenges remain unchallenged as yet.

CHALLENGES REMAIN MORE OR LESS THE SAME The challenges which the global economy has been facing since the outbreak of the pandemic continues to be unchanged and unresolved to a large extent. The pandemic itself has spread to new regions and has spread havoc in the US, and has affected India too, a major contributor […]

IIP: Factories Report Nil Production

The month of Apr’20 was in the eye of the pandemic storm and witnessed nationwide lockdown without any relaxations. As such, it was expected that IIP numbers may contract sharply. The assessment of the level of contraction varied across market participants. Many of the correspondents contributing to the IIP data reported “Nil” production for the […]

CPI: Food Inflation Remains Firm…

Given the lockdown conditions across the country, the headline CPI-based inflation numbers were not released for the month of May as well. The price data collection exercise has been in suspension since 19th Mar’20. The inflation data for only such commodities or services sub-groups was declared for which adequate trade data was available. Even as […]